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So once upon a time…I was on a shoot at a shipping port. I was on a huge crane trying to take the top wide angle shot of the area from my camera. It was a beautiful view from above and I thought it would be cool to take a selfie here (Although i’m not good at selfies). But the huge crane itself was blocking the view behind me. That’s how I came up with the idea to click a panorama from my feet as a proof of my presence at the location. (which I feel is only legit explanation as to why one clicks selfies – to prove the presence at the location).

How to click – Simple

• Start camera app in your phone and switch to “Panorama mode”

• Take a vertical panorama.

What do I use – Google Snapseed on android.

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At the edge of the cliff

Hi. Have you ever had that friend to whom you’re making the most effort on? Like you always need her approval. You always think first if she’ll like it. You always do what she wants. You get jealous the she is closer to another friend. You always want to get her attention. You know you love your friend so much but on the other hand, you also hate her at some point. You come to that point where you hate her because you feel taken for granted like she does not see your efforts. You question yourself, “When will i ever be enough?” “When will she put me on that same level of special?” She always say you are special, ofcourse, but would you rather want more or settle for it?

Slowly, you realize, you don’t hate her. You hate yourself for not being able to be contented, for not being able to just accept you will never be at that point. You hate yourself for making all this effort when you know she won’t notice it. You hate yourself because you have been lying when you say you will be okay. You think you should just let go but then you are hurting because you still can’t. You wish you can just be at ease with what is happening. You dont want to talk to her about this because you already know what she’s gonna say and you’ll just end up fighting. You are just tired of even trying.

This feels like you are at a cliff holding her hand but she is not trying to pull you up. Instead, you are the one trying to climb all alone. It’s easier to let go and die at the bottom of that fall or keep on holding. You now have a choice.

Rainy day at the office (Hello, Falcon)


Good Morning folks.

One storm has passed and the other has started its job. Unfortunately for those living in Metro Manila, this means that the urban ocean will rise again. The traffic will worsen and sunshine will take its day-off.

Today started as a normal rainy day. You wake up at 5 in the morning. You switch the television on for the news hoping that work will be suspended. After a couple of minutes, you realize that work is a go-go and if you don’t move your ass off the couch, you’ll be late for work; so you heat the water for coffee, take a bath and have your breakfast. When you get to your room, you’ll immediately check your phone for messages of work suspension and see that there’s nothing. You prepare yourself for office. You wear slippers and pack your leather shoes instead. The ride to work is both wet with rain and sweat. Puddles are everywhere. You feel sorry for the people on the sidewalk who get splashed on by the rushing vehicles. You are still early for work and the office is a bit empty.

Here is the thing that made this day a bit different. Your office floor has no internet connection! Luckily, you have access to the client’s WiFi from the neighboring building (sorry clients! gotta hitch). You connected to the office network through your remote access but there’s still none. Your coworkers come one by one. You chat with them and the day goes.

That is how my day is going so far. Have a nice day. 🙂

UPDATE: The internet connection at the office was back on 9:53am.

Student Fakes Admission to Harvard and Stanford in Effort to Impress Parents

Talk about the pressure on senior korean kids, especially to a “math prodigy”. I think she lost it.


A 17-year-old Korean “math prodigy” is caught in the middle of a big problem that even she can’t solve.

The high school senior faked her acceptance to both Harvard University and Stanford University as a plan to impress her parents, according to The Washington Post.

The senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, not only claimed to have received acceptance letters from both universities, she also said she was offered five-figure scholarships to both schools.

And because both Harvard and Stanford were determined to have her, the teen said that the universities created a special dual-program that would allow her to attend both prestigious schools.

According to the Post, news of her supposed achievements caught the attention of media outlets everywhere, including the Korean media, who quickly named her the “Genius Girl.”

The high school senior even went so far as to…

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Mother Falls: Real Life Temple Run

You have to walk through these in order to reach the cringing cold water of Mother Falls in San Luis, Aurora, Philippines.

The approximately 2km hike consists of mini rivers, boulders, mud, moss and this man-made patio.

The way to the Mother Falls.
The way to the Mother Falls.
No slipping.
No slipping.
Mother Falls, Aurora
Mother Falls, Aurora